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JK Plastic Surgery Center

Republic of Korea, Seoul

JK Plastic Surgery Center is one of the best clinics in South Korea for international patients, which specializes in face and body plastic surgery according to the Korean Accreditation Program for Hospitals Serving Foreign Patients (KAHF). The JK Clinic is also the first medical institution to receive an international license from the EBA (European Business Assembly) in the field of healthcare and medical tourism.

Over the 22 years of the existence of the JK center, doctors have performed more than 85,000 operations, 100% of which were without complications. Only 1% of plastic surgery clinics in Seoul can have such a result.

JK Plastic Surgery Center specializes in facial surgery, body shaping and anti-aging stem cell therapy. Every year, the center helps to improve the appearance of 6,000 patients. The JK Aesthetic Center uses a 3D visualization system. Thanks to this, patients can see the expected result even before the operation and, if necessary, make changes at this stage.

JK Plastic Surgery operating rooms are equipped with sterile systems in accordance with US government standards, German anesthesia equipment is used here.

The clinic has a Tax Free system. Patients can recover 7-8% of the cost of procedures under the Value Added Tax (VAT) refund system.

Admission fee:
from 50 USD
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    Procedures and their cost

    The cost may vary depending on the case and the recommendation of doctors.
    from $2,000 from $7,000
    from $5,000 from $16,000
    from $14,000 from $2,700
    from $7,000 from $11,000
    from $450 from $5,150
    from $6,000 from $13,500
    from $2,700 from $26,000
    from $20,000 from $6,300
    from $2,000

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    Location JK Plastic Surgery Center
    The Republic of Korea, Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong, 584-2

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do patients from all over the world choose JK clinic for facial rejuvenation?

    Types of surgical braces that you can choose from at JK Medical Center:

    SMAS lifting

    Experienced surgeons of the JK clinic eliminate the main causes of wrinkle formation with the help of surgical SMAS lifting in the case of:

    • Strong sagging of tissues in the cheeks and chin line due to age-related changes;
    • Desire to get a long-term rejuvenation effect;
    • A strong age-related change that cannot be corrected with a thread lift.

    Mini facelift – Elasticum threads

    Elasticum threads are used by JK doctors to lift problem areas of the face:

    • sagging cheeks;
    • wrinkles at the corners of the lips;
    • nasolacrimal grooves;
    • nasolabial folds;
    • neck wrinkles, etc.

    JK clinic surgeons combine thread lifting and surgical lifting to firm the skin while maintaining the natural softness of the tissues. The procedure is performed with minimal incisions and does not leave scars, which helps patients recover in a short time.

    When using elastic threads, the patient receives a natural lifting effect without changes in facial expression, and after a year, the same threads can be tightened again to restore the rejuvenation effect.

    Lip lift (permanent smile)

    An effective method used by experienced plastic surgeons at the JK Clinic:

    Step 1 – specialists make a design, taking into account the wishes of the patient and harmony in the face.

    Step 2 – surgeons separate the skin, manipulate the muscles responsible for the corners of the lips, then remove excess tissue and skin.

    Step 3 – To minimize incision scars, JK doctors perform tissue and skin suturing in two levels, reducing unnatural facial tension.

    The duration of the operation is 1 hour, after which the patient is allowed to go home.

    What types of non-surgical facelifts are performed by surgeons at JK Plastic Surgery?

    Non-invasive lifting procedures at the JK Clinic:

    JK 3D thread lift

    The 3D threads are made from PDO (polydioxanone), a material compatible with the human body, a safe and effective material capable of naturally dissolving itself in the body after a certain time. PDO is approved and recognized by the US FDA and Korea KFDA (Food and Drug Administration Association). JK 3D thread lift provides instant results, is effective for deep wrinkles and is safe for the patient.

    Ultrasonic lifting laser

    JK Doublo Gold ultrasonic laser gives skin elasticity in 8 minutes. Ultrasonic waves actively penetrate into the deep layers of the dermis and SMAS (the muscle layer responsible for the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of the skin) without damaging the skin, giving elasticity to overhanging tissues. Doublo Gold works on the HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) system, which achieves the maximum lifting effect, and after the procedure you can immediately return to everyday life.

    JK Air Lifting Laser

    The innovative JK Air Lifting laser is suitable for patients who want to get rid of:

    • Wrinkles on the forehead;
    • Wrinkles around the eyes;
    • Wrinkles on the neck.

    And also:

    • Correct scars;
    • Increase the elasticity of the skin of the cheeks;
    • Remove nasolabial folds;
    • Correct the chin line.

    JK Plastic Surgery Center offers its clients anti-aging injections:

    • Anti-aging injections for skin elasticity and regeneration;
    • Biorevitalization for moisturizing, elasticity and radiance of the skin;
    • Filler for the effect of a young face;
    • Botox injections for facial rejuvenation.
    What are the benefits of anti-aging blepharoplasty at JK Clinic?

    Experienced specialists of the JK clinic return to their patients a youthful look without age-related changes and impending eyelids.

    Blepharoplasty methods at JK Plastic Surgery Clinic:

    Upper blepharoplasty with eyelid lift

    1. Eyelid ptosis correction: doctors of the clinic restore the expressiveness of the look by the method of ptosis correction with the elimination of the impending eyelid,
    2. Eyelid lift with an incision under the eyebrow – through an incision under the eyebrow line, experienced specialists carry out manipulations to correct the impending eyelid, remove excess tissue and open the crease line without unnecessary incisions along the eyelid itself,
    3. Endoscopic forehead lift – doctors perform the procedure without an incision in the folds of the upper eyelid and visible scars on the face. This technique effectively removes severe wrinkles at the outer corner of the eyes and between the eyebrows.

    Lower blepharoplasty

    The procedure is effective for:

    • Strongly pronounced dark circles under the eyes;
    • Strongly pronounced sagging tissues and wrinkles under the eyes;
    • Loss of elasticity of the skin under the eyes.
    Why do patients recommend rhinoplasty at JK Clinic?

    JK Clinic provides an innovative method of rhinoplasty – a safe implant created from the patient’s autogenous tissues.

    This nose correction method is ideal for:

    • If there is a distrust of allogeneic or artificial tissues;
    • With repeated rhinoplasty due to thinning of the tissues of the nose;
    • If you do not want to use an artificial implant;
    • For those patients who wish to obtain a natural result without losing the harmony of the face.

    Doctors at JK Hospital have invented an advanced handmade Gore-Tex implant for the best possible result.

    Gore-Tex is a very soft material that is used in rhinoplasty of the nose with thin skin, and takes root well with human tissues.

    How does JK Plastic Surgery create the perfect body for their patients?

    During JK 3D liposuction, ultrasound is used to selectively eliminate fat deposits, which breaks down fat cells without harming other soft tissues such as skin, blood vessels and muscles.

    Liposuction by doctors of JK Plastic Surgery Clinic is performed in all parts of the body where there is fat, preventing recurrence by eliminating the main cause of fat accumulation.

    JK doctors use the VASER device, which allows liposuction of such parts of the body as:

    • Back;
    • Belly and sides;
    • Hips;
    • Hands etc.

    The JK clinic has developed various programs to improve the appearance of the body and maintain the effect for a long time:

    • Cryolipolysis (selective non-surgical removal of fat cells from any area of the body);
    • Lipolytic injections;
    • Obesity control;
    • Program diets;
    • Implant transplantation, etc.

    Laser liposuction of the body and face on the AccuSculpt machine

    AccuSculpt is the world’s first 1444 nm laser to selectively remove only fat cells. Unlike other lasers, the AccuSculpt laser has a small area of effect, which makes the procedure safer and reduces the recovery period.

    Advantages of the innovative device:

    • No notch;
    • Correction of overhanging tissues under the eyes and other difficult areas;
    • Body and face lifting effect.
    Why breast augmentation at JK clinic is the best choice for health and beauty?

    Breast augmentation at JK Hospital is:

    • Safe certified implants selected individually for you (round and drop-shaped);
    • The latest method of operation performed by qualified specialists with more than 10 years of experience;
    • The mammary glands are not affected during the operation, the operation will not affect breastfeeding.

    Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) at JK clinic is:

    • Elastic, natural breasts (JK clinic surgeons do not just reduce breasts, but create beautiful breasts of the right size, corresponding to your body type);
    • Less pain, fast recovery (minimal incision);
    • No scars and fast recovery period. The sensitivity of the nipple is preserved, the operation does not affect breastfeeding.
    Services for foreign patients at JK Plastic Surgery Clinic

    JK Plastic Surgery Clinic provides:

    • Transfer from the airport and back, if desired, a limousine arrives;
    • Accommodation. You can stay at the clinic’s hotel, where you will be under the supervision of medical staff every day, or at a hotel near the JK clinic;
    • Spa center, cafe and rooftop garden serving Western and Korean cuisine.



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